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A visual shorthand that reminds people who you are and what you do.

A business logo helps position your company, giving your store or product an image and

easy-to-remember hook in the mind of your prospect.

In today’s society, where you often have only a few seconds to capture the customer’s attention, a LOGO can make the crucial difference.

Mistakes to Avoid:

Using the wrong logo:

Don’t use cheap, common, or difficult-to-understand logo. Spend the time and money to do it right or don’t do it all. When in doubt, hire a designer.

Not sticking with a logo:

It takes years to build brand name recognition. Don’t change your logo without a compelling reason.


Custom products for advertising and promoting your event or occasion.

Brand your business with a custom logo. Choose from several professionally designed and one-of-a-kind logos that set your business apart from the others.

You are never limited to the number of revisions we make for you. That's because we work until you are 100% satisfied with every detail of your logo or corporate identity.


And we are not fully paid until you are happy!


Once your logo is done, we can also help you to animated it!

Maples Creative Solutions can animate your organizations' logo to add that extra spice to your web site or presentations. An animated logo not only attracts the viewers attention but can also be used to quickly deliver to prospects, the message from your organization, thus build your brand.

Animated logos can be created in Flash, 2D or 3D and can contain complex special effects, music, interactivity and much more.


Visualize your Brands’ Story that reminds people what’s your brand will do for them.

We create new brand character and revitalize existing ones.

Brand characters are unique in that they straddle the worlds of marketing and entertainment. Clearly they exist to represent a brand, but they live in a consumer frame of reference that puts them in competition with characters from television, movies, video games and novels.

To be truly effective, brand characters have to combine the best of both worlds. They must be engaging characters in their own right while staying authentically rooted in the brand.

We help our clients find this intersection between story and marketing by combining a deep understanding of brands with the tools for creating compelling characters from the world of entertainment.

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